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Navigate your emotional world and strengthen your relationships with our comprehensive toolkit designed for emotional intelligence and empathy. Rooted in the principles of Nonviolent Communication, The Empathy Set App is your dynamic guide for personal growth and meaningful connections.

Embark on your journey with our fully functional web version; click Get Started to unlock the complete suite of features, with seamless integration if and when you choose to continue with the app. Rest assured, your information is secure, and your exploration is entirely commitment-free.

How does this FREE App work?

  • Embark on an Emotional Intelligence Journey

    Effortlessly navigate through your emotional challenges with The Empathy Set App. Begin your quest for emotional intelligence with our intuitive points system on either the app or web version.

  • Start with Complimentary Points

    Simply sign up for the web version or download the app at no cost, and we’ll gift you 168 points to unlock features and address up to three initial scenarios. As your exploration deepens, progress to the Enhancer or Maximizer levels, which can be unlocked for just 78 and 108 points, respectively.

  • Earn Additional Points

    Boost your point balance by making purchases (receive 400 points for $5, 900 for $10, or 2000 for $20), by referrals (earn 168 points for each friend who successfully downloads the app), or through achieving milestones (gain 100 points for every 10 scenarios explored). Keep your access to the app perpetually free by consistently acquiring points through referrals and milestones.

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What Features Are Included in the Starter, Enhancer, and Maximizer Levels?


Navigate Emotional Challenges Effortlessly with The Empathy Set App

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Explore the Advantages: Why The Empathy Set is Your Ultimate Emotional Toolkit

Offers a range of features from identifying feelings and needs to creating 'I’ and SBI-Q statements, making it a one-stop solution for emotional and relational challenges.

Features like brainstorming tools and 'I' statements facilitate immediate application in conflict situations, encouraging constructive dialogues.

Ideal for everyone, app offers specialized value for professionals such as therapists, mediators, and social workers aiming to enhance empathy and communication.

Crafted around the widely-recognized principles of Nonviolent Communication, offering a well-regarded approach to empathy and emotional intelligence.

As an app, it allows you to practice empathy and emotional intelligence on-the-go, making it easier to integrate into your busy life.

Provides multiple "levels" of emotional exploration (Starter, Enhancer, Maximizer) to cater to varying needs.

Enables users to log situations and emotional responses, offering a deep dive into recurring patterns and triggers that enhance self-awareness over time.

Offers webinars and community interaction to continually foster and deepen empathy skills.

Enables sharing of emotional states and situation analyses, making it easier to seek support or resolve conflicts.

Weekly notifications that prompt self-assessment, ensuring sustained engagement and improvement over time.

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About The Empathy Set Team: Fostering Empathy to Transform Interpersonal Conflict

At The Empathy Set Team, we believe in the unparalleled power of empathy to transform conflicts, promote harmony, and enrich interpersonal relationships. Inspired by the time tested principles of Nonviolent Communication, as introduced by Marshall Rosenberg, our mission is to empower you in building more empathetic and harmonious connections, especially in the face of life's inevitable challenges.

Originating from the insights of John Ford a seasoned mediator with over three decades of experience in conflict resolution-The Empathy Set App is the cornerstone of our offerings. Available also as a tactile card set, these tools make feelings and needs easily understandable, paving the way for effective communication and relational harmony. As John Ford sums it up, "These tools are transformational. They equip individuals to engage in difficult conversations and achieve relational peace." Partner with us on your journey toward fostering empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and harmonious interactions in your personal relationships.

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